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Welcome to Highly Sensitive Persons - Supporting Our Sensitivity

Apr 12, 2018

Should we embrace our quirks and be ourselves, or should we try a little harder to "fit in" with everyone else? For a highly sensitive person, this dilemma is the daily struggle. Most of the time we find ourselves apologizing for who we are, and it can leave us feeling a bit alienated and lonely. Sometimes, however, it's fun to just shine the spotlight on what makes us different in order to connect with other highly sensitive people. In this special 40th episode of HSP SOS, Michelle and The Captain dive deep into some of their own very highly sensitive problems, and remind you to check out previous episodes to further explore the personal challenges, as well as the gifts of being a passionate, feeling person. Hopefully listening to this helps you realize that you are not alone, and you do have a highly sensitive tribe that gets you when it feels like you are going through this on your own.

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